‘‘Over and above short-term marketing and financial choices, citizens and corporations are changing their daily behaviour as a necessity to protect the environment and the future of generations to come.
Baleco is determined to be an integral part of that culture change.’’ Anie


Baleco is a Canadian based provider of environmentally friendly products and services intended for the industrial, commercial and residential markets.

Baleco creates, manufactures and distributes a full line of eco-friendly cleaning products in bulk that are both efficient and price competitive. Our on-site refill stations not only provide you with continuous access to high quality eco-friendly cleaning products, they also significantly reduce the use of plastic containers thus helping you lower your plastic footprint.

Baleco believes that, for the industrial and the commercial markets, the sustainability efforts should be communicated to customers, employees and shareholders. This is why Baleco offers a choice of communication tools to help you promote your positive environmental actions. For the residential market, it is a simple way to make a big difference.